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VOP Testimonials

Girl with headphones using a computer

"It's flexibility really suits her learning style and she is doing very well. She has picked up wonderful independent learning skills and discipline as a result of the program." -- Parent of a VOP Middle School Student

Student taking notes in front of a computer monitor

"My kids have a learning disability and both are on IEP. VOP has made it easier for them to work at their own pace and not feel left out from their classroom due to being constantly pulled out of class for special education classes. Both of my kids have done better in school under VOP." -- Parent of VOP High School and Elementary Students

Student using computer

"VOP is a great option for kids to get more help and be in a home self paced environment. With the current climate of the US, some feel safer with this program. It also offers flexibility for a busy out of school schedule. " -- Parent of a VOP Middle School Student

Student meeting virtually with teacher

"We like the office hours because the students get more individual help. We like the flexibility of the times of doing the school work. We like the individual attention that the student gets from the teacher. My children prefer to do VOP."-- Parent of a VOP Middle School Student

Student wearing glasses using computer

"My son has social anxiety and it's hard for him to attend in-person learning. VOP is a wonderful option for him." -- Parent of a VOP High School Student

Student and adult working together

"My daughter prefers learning this way because I am able to help with her education and its easy to get help from the teacher if we need it." -- Parent of a VOP Elementary School Student